With our considerable knowledge and experience, we will advise you in all legal matters related to your divorce.  Ending a marriage is never easy, so we offer calm and clear advice to your concerns about custody, support, asset protection, and more.  In “friendly”, uncontested divorces, it’s still in the best interest of both parties to have an attorney review the documents.


Custody disputes are among the most stressful legal actions.  Our process will put you at ease, ensuring your rights are protected.  Physical custody determines where a child lives and who is responsible for their daily care.  Legal custody gives the right to decide the child’s healthcare, education, religion, and other welfare issues.  Other custody issues may include support, guardianship, relocation, visitation, and more.


Financial worries will often lead to sleepless nights.  We work to achieve a fair settlement that brings you peace of mind.  Child support is intended to pay for the child’s living expenses, including food, housing, clothing, education, health insurance, and more.  Alimony or spousal support is based on several factors and is designed to financially assist a spouse during and after a divorce.

Pre/Post Nuptial

Prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are not an indication for a lack of confidence in a relationship, but a smart strategy to protect your assets.  We protect your interests while protecting your finances.


Mediation is often used to resolve family matters such as support, parenting time, decision making for minor children, and property division.  Mediators are neutral parties used to settle issues and disputes in a private, simple, and cost-effective manner.